Where are they now – Part 3

April marked one year since we began our 5-month gut renovation adventure. In honor of the anniversary, (and because I’ve not been keeping up with the posts) I been posting “where are they now” posts. ┬áBasically this is a catch up post for the former living room, which is now a bedroom.

First, let me remind you where we started.



You’d walk up the gargantuan steps into the front door and be met with:


The living room

A lovely mix of fake wood products in the 12×14 living room. To the immediate left, behind the front door was the kitchen, and behind the wall to the left, the basement stairs. Across from the front door is the hall for access to the rest of the house.


Living room during demo

We removed all the paneling, insulation, and flooring. Luckily, almost everything we removed from the house (except the insulation) was reused by us or someone else. The windows in the above photo are in the chicken coop.

We took it down to the studs then put up new insulation and dry wall. We (Mr. Awesome) moved the door opening, closed off the door to the kitchen (now the office) and basement, moved the front door, and replaced and enlarged the window.


Side by side, you can really see the changes:

It is a huge transformation and I’ve very pleased.