Birthday Pruning

Since we acquired this property, I’ve been making small strides to prune the out of control landscaping, trees, and shrubbery around the house and in the orchard. Once or twice a month, I haul out the lopers, hand saw, and a ladder and spend an hour or so hacking on  something or other. Continue reading


Cage Free BS

You will not normally find me heralding a big business, I’m a staunch advocate for the small and local. I’m particularly fond of pasture based farmers. Vital Farms, while a big company, sources it’s eggs from pasture based farmers, so we’re giving them a bit of a pass. Continue reading

How to Boil an Egg

Just in time for the holiday entertaining, I bring you the best way to boil an egg, well the second most perfect way, because the best way is to Continue reading

Moving Day

Animals raised in a pastured based rotational grazing operation get moved regularly. The timing of the move is an art. If you move them too soon, you’ll be selecting for unpalatable vegetation, if you leave the move too late, the animals will move themselves. This is a fact, known by all it seems based on the anecdotes in all pasture-based farming literature. There’s also the anecdotes about fixing the fence when you notice it, not later, because later the animals will escape…. Continue reading

Piggy Update

The other day I told you about the processing plan how the pigs will become pork chops, bacon, and ham. Today, we talk about the pigs. Continue reading

How pigs become pork chops

A few months ago, I came across this article which details the woefully inadequate number of USDA staffed slaughterhouses that are willing to process meat from small producers.  Continue reading