Exciting news

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The Culinary Institute of the University of Tennessee has ordered eggs for a 300 guest brunch honoring Blackberry Farm, a luxury hotel on a 4,200-acre estate/working farm in the Great Smoky Mountains.

We were chosen, it would seem, by luck, as we were the not the first farm contacted, but the only one able to provide the necessary volume. To say we are excited, would be an understatment of epic proportions.


Baby Chicks in the House

I ordered chicks the other day. Continue reading

2018 Farm Plan

Wow, is it just me or did 2017 fly by? Seriously, it went so fast! Maybe becasue we were in over our heads’ most of the time? Continue reading

Pastured Pork from The Happy Pig

Transport day went off without a hitch. I have missed the greeting grunts from piggies in the morning, but a freezer full of tasty pork is making up for it. Continue reading