Pine tongue and groove

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New Doors

Did I mention we have doors?  Continue reading

Renovation Update

So much is happening! With the in-laws coming/vacation upon us, Mr. Awesome is a flurry of activity, working 5 projects at once. Continue reading

Completing the Bathroom

We are taking a little break in March. Mr. Awesome Senior and his wife, the nicest woman on earth, (aka in-laws) are coming to watch the chickens and chicks that are arriving this Friday (sorry love, they were on sale, just $1 each for pullets!).

Have I ever said how blessed I am to have such great in-laws? Seriously! They’re awesome!

Before the in-laws arrive, we’ve to complete the bathroom renovation/build. Continue reading


Now that we’ve passed the rough-in inspection, and the insulation inspection, it is time to start making choices for all the finishes. Continue reading