DIY Home Improvement – Should You? A Follow up


I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday! In the spirit of thankfulness, I considered what I’ve learned through our renovation process. Things that may help you should you decide to embark on the path of the truly crazy.

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DIY Home Improvement – Should you?

diy-1170x620People are fascinated by the idea of taking something old and beat up and making it new again. But take it from me, the reality of doing it yourself is not at all like the everything-works-the-first-time impression that those shows portray.

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On Trends

You used have to subscribe to Town & Country or Architectural Digest if you wanted to feel bad about your house… then along comes the internet. Continue reading

Good Bye Pump House

In all the photos that have been taken of this house to date, not a single one shows the pump house in all its pink concrete block glory. It is a shame really, because that was UGLY. Award winning ugliness. And non-functional. Continue reading

Kitchen Dreams

Our future kitchen will be on the back wall of the house. We’ve have a makeshift setup for now. Honestly, even with a remote sink and fridge, it’s better than what we started with and I’m okay with it. Continue reading

Progress, the Laundry Room

The house was a small 3 bedroom 1 bath, which would have been fine, had the layout made any sense at all.  Continue reading