Now that we’ve passed the rough-in inspection, and the insulation inspection, it is time to start making choices for all the finishes. Continue reading


The Perfect Pork Chop

The perfect pork chop starts with nicely marbled pasture raised pork, like these Happy Pig beauties.

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2018 Farm Plan

Wow, is it just me or did 2017 fly by? Seriously, it went so fast! Maybe becasue we were in over our heads’ most of the time? Continue reading

A Year in Renovation

We reviewed our progress per the plan as it relates to the farm earlier, this post covers the 2017 farmhouse renovation year. We’ve come a long way since we started this journey sleeping on the screened porch¬†showering in the barn. Yes, that was technically in 2016, but we’re including it as the starting place. Continue reading

Building Inspection

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We had our first building inspection. As part of the permit process, there are several scheduled inspections. The first for us it the framing and rough-in. Continue reading

Pastured Pork from The Happy Pig

Transport day went off without a hitch. I have missed the greeting grunts from piggies in the morning, but a freezer full of tasty pork is making up for it. Continue reading