Progress, the Kitchen Edition

While my attention has been mostly monopolized by the pigs, chickens, and travel, Mr. Awesome has not stopped renovations. This post covers the progress to date for the FORMER kitchen area, which is now office/guest room space.

Let’s remember what we started with:

It was an extraordinarily ugly galley kitchen positioned along the front of the house  that smelled like slightly spoiled meat. There were leaks in both the bathroom (behind the fridge) and the laundry (beside the fridge) and the walls and floors in these areas were a complete mess.


The stench has been replace by the smells of raw pine wood and insulation. The new front door is where the sink used to be and an office/guest room occupies most of the former kitchen space. We are using the space as a living room at the moment. The photo above was taken from where the laundry area was in the former kitchen. I’d call that a HUGE improvement! Until next time…

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