Exciting news

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The Culinary Institute of the University of Tennessee has ordered eggs for a 300 guest brunch honoring Blackberry Farm, a luxury hotel on a 4,200-acre estate/working farm in the Great Smoky Mountains.

We were chosen, it would seem, by luck, as we were the not the first farm contacted, but the only one able to provide the necessary volume. To say we are excited, would be an understatment of epic proportions.


Key West

While Mr. Awesome wasn’t terribly keen, Key West has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. It is a feast for your eyes with its pastel-hued houses, cobbled streets, and turquoise waters (not to mention all the people watching).

The best part, aside from the warmish weather, was the feral chickens that frequent the streets and alleys of Key West. They are the perfect metaphor for Key West -– colorful, sort of wild, a little noisy, and occasionally annoying.

Renovation Update

So much is happening! With the in-laws coming/vacation upon us, Mr. Awesome is a flurry of activity, working 5 projects at once. Really it’s a mad house!

Tile in the shower has been picked and is going up. White subway. Was there ever any doubt? I’ve been enamored with white subway for ages! My bathroom Pintrest is nothing but subway. The bathroom floor however, is still a question mark with 3 possible answers: wood-look tile to match the wood floors, large white hex with grout to match walls (ie dark); or gray/charcoal/black 12X12 set on a hexagonal.




We’ve chrome faucets and fixtures, the vanity is warm dark wood color and white porcelain. I’m leaning to the dark 12X12, but can’t let go of the white hex.

I welcome any and all thought.  I was reminded this morning that I’ve until tomorrow to decide. Will someone please pick my tile?

Completing the Bathroom

We are taking a little break in March. Mr. Awesome Senior and his wife, the nicest woman on earth, (aka in-laws) are coming to watch the chickens and chicks that are arriving this Friday (sorry love, they were on sale, just $1 each for pullets!).

Have I ever said how blessed I am to have such great in-laws? Seriously! They’re awesome!

Before the in-laws arrive, we’ve to complete the bathroom renovation/build. Continue reading