Birthday Pruning

Since we acquired this property, I’ve been making small strides to prune the out of control landscaping, trees, and shrubbery around the house and in the orchard. Once or twice a month, I haul out the lopers, hand saw, and a ladder and spend an hour or so hacking on  something or other. Continue reading


Cage Free BS

You will not normally find me heralding a big business, I’m a staunch advocate for the small and local. I’m particularly fond of pasture based farmers. Vital Farms, while a big company, sources it’s eggs from pasture based farmers, so we’re giving them a bit of a pass. Continue reading

Spread the Heat

As anyone with a wood stove knows, the key to heating with wood lies in moving the heated air away from the stove.

Enter the thermoelectric fan…

A thermoelectric fan is a  simple fan that sits on top of your woodstove and is super effective at spreading the heat from a woodstove more evenly. It generates electricity though the temperature gradient between the stove and the fan. The generated electricity turns the fan blades. The photos below are from the EcoFan website shows concept in action.


They’re really pretty neat. We have an EcoFan Airmax. It’s a fairly inexpensive low-tech way to spread the heat from the stove without electricity. We purchased it last year after having the woodstove for a few weeks. It makes a noticible differece in the heat distribution in our ‘drafty’ renovation.

Until next time…

DIY Home Improvement – Should You? A Follow up


I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday! In the spirit of thankfulness, I considered what I’ve learned through our renovation process. Things that may help you should you decide to embark on the path of the truly crazy.

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DIY Home Improvement – Should you?

diy-1170x620People are fascinated by the idea of taking something old and beat up and making it new again. But take it from me, the reality of doing it yourself is not at all like the everything-works-the-first-time impression that those shows portray.

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