Our flooring has arrived.If you have been following along, you know that we I have been on a quest for the floor of my dreams. I sent the dream floor photo to 100 different flooring vendors, no one could help. They either didn’t know what the wood was, or didn’t know where to get it and were unwilling to try.

Nearing my wit’s end, I happened to call Bob at Macon Hardwoods. He was soooo helpful! He said with the assurance of an expert, that is live-sawn white oak. And proceeded to find a mill that could produce it for me while I researched live-sawn oak, cause I’d never heard of it and I trust just about no one.

According to Macon’s website live-sawn is the oldest and most common method of cutting lumber in Europe and uses every part of the log. Each cut is made straight through the heartwood and is parallel to the next. The technique produces a mixture of plain, quarter, and rift sawn cuts, and allows for solid planks up to 12 inches wide. Here in ‘Mercia where wood is plentiful, plain sawn is most common.

Live-sawn boards (sometimes referred to as European or French cut) give hardwood floors a unique appearance because all parts of the wood are captured in the cut. Many boards display cathedral plain-sawn grain in the center of the board and rift/quartered characteristics toward the outer edges.

Needless to say, we got live-sawn white oak, and from a mill in middle Tennessee even. The boards are 8 inches wide and up to 10 feet long. Beautiful and local!

4500 pounds of live sawn white oak
Look at the character!
And it’s up to 10 feet long!

With a chestnut stain and tung oil finish the floor will be AMAZING! I can’t wait!!! But first, we have to install the ceiling tongue and groove and mud the drywall. I may even insist we paint first, to protect this beautiful wood.

Until next time…


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