Completing the Bathroom

We are taking a little break in March. Mr. Awesome Senior and his wife, the nicest woman on earth, (aka in-laws) are coming to watch the chickens and chicks that are arriving this Friday (sorry love, they were on sale, just $1 each for pullets!).

Have I ever said how blessed I am to have such great in-laws? Seriously! They’re awesome! Before the in-laws arrive, we’ve to complete the bathroom renovation/build.

That looks like, flooring, tile, and a vanity.  Its a lot to get done in just 28 short days, but I have my fingers crossed and the credit card at the ready. Lucky for us, we already have the vanity (Mr. Awesome built it of reclaimed wood), sink, and faucets. We lack tile and flooring. As with the flooring, we’re buying tile this week. Though we are not 100% certain who will install it (us or a contractor).

We’re thinking subway tile surround for the tub to the ceiling with a gray (grey?) grout. Nothing fancy.

bath idea

The floors wood (I think) but tile would probably be better. I’ve also considered continuing the subway tile or maybe shiplap? halfway up the wall behind the sink and toilet.

bath idea 1

More than halfway?

What about shiplap?

These floors are amazing. A local store has a similar pattern for just $4 a square foot and it is a small bathroom. If we went the big bang in the floor we’d have elimnate the backsplash tile (I’m not sold either way).

Another other option, of course, is to buy the tile for the future master bath. Where there will be more space to admire the beauty of this tile.




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