Now that we’ve passed the rough-in inspection, and the insulation inspection, it is time to start making choices for all the finishes. First up, floors.

Manning Residence, Hoboken, NJ ; John B Murray, Architects

This is the inspiration. I say inspiration, because when I asked around to buy something like this, I was told 1) you can’t afford it 2) it’s not available in this country. While I find the lack of availability completly unbelievable, I’m willing to concede that it is likely out of our price range given that range is barely in the range for solid wood in the first place.

What we¬† like about this floor is the complete lack of shine, the texture, and the warmth. I imagine the floor has a somewhat rough texture. As if it were sanded with 80 grit sand paper. The color is warm and rich and the gaps between the boards give so much character. I want to touch it. It looks so perfect with the white shaker cabinets, don’t you think?

So in the search, the biggest hurdle has been the sheen. We’ve not found any prefinished floors that do not have a sheen and/or plasticy surface texture. Granted, we’ve only just started looking. So maybe it’s out there and I’ve not found it.

If you know where I can get this floor or something similar please share! We will be buying flooring this weekend (as well as cabinets, doors, tile, and maybe some lights and a couple ceiling fans).

As it stands, we are seriously considering an unfinished oak plank that we’d finish ourselves with a penetrating oil finish.

Do any of you have experience with penetrating oil finishes on floors? Installing hardwood yourself?


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