Building Inspection

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We had our first building inspection. As part of the permit process, there are several scheduled inspections. The first for us it the framing and rough-in. Prior to the inspection all the plumbing and HVAC must be in, all the light switches/outlets/smoke detectors wired, and all the framing complete. Nothing else is supposed to be done.

You may have noticed that we’ve skipped ahead in a few places and installed drywall and insulation as well as a full bathroom. We were not supposed to do that. We have been totally stressed as to what the inspector would during the inspection given how he yelled at me and Blaine on two separate occasions about skipping ahead.

So, the inspection was yesterday, and we passed! Woohoo! He was there 5 minutes. Barely looked at anything more than the great room ceiling. Which we raised a couple feet.

img_1305This was not the same inspector that yelled at us earlier in the renovation. I’m not complaining.

Next step, insulating the ceiling. If all goes according to plan (insulation in and drywall contractor available), we’ll have drywall up by the end of January. I guess now I have to make some decisions regarding cabinets, countertops, tile, and find my flooring.

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