Farm Update – Pigs, Chicks, and a Mule

It’s been a slow week at the Happy Pig. The pig-S have settled in and are becoming more tolerant of us. They even posed for pictures.



Adams, Washington, and Martha

Ok, maybe it was just a matter of them standing still long enough to capture the image. But still. they’re all getting along. They play tag in the johnson grass, lounge under the trees, and eat all the tomatoes and apples I give them. I’ve started giving them crushed black walnuts too. They’ll eat them and seem to like them, but haven’t figured out that the whole ones are the same thing. Is it possible that I have 4 pig-S with poor sense of smell?

On tomatoes and apples… the “garden” (nothing but a couple buckets) is doing well. I’m starting to get tomatoes everyday and the cucumbers are still going strong. I had enough tomatoes to make crockpot tomato sauce. It was delicious and super easy!

The apple trees seem to have benefited from the half attempt at pruning I did in the spring. They’ve been much more productive, the fruit is clearly larger, and they actually taste like apples. Now, they don’t look like anything from the grocery store, but in a pie they’d be good. I may have to climb (because they still need serious pruning) to the top and pick a few to give the pie theory a test.

Chickens are all doing good. The funny looking barred rock hens are definitely roosters. No doubt there. They aren’t crowing, but clearly it is only a matter of time.


Mama hen is taking very good care of the five. She has even adopted the 12 rescued chicks. That’s her and her charges in the background of the photo above. As I mentioned in a previous post, we’ve gotten the egg eating to stop, and most of the chickens are now enclosed in an electric fence. The ones that are out refuse to be stay inside. The escapees are most of the older barred rocks and a couple of younger rescued ISA brown hens. No matter how many times I move them to the hoop coops they fly out the next day. They really like to roam. I’ve given in, they’ll be our around the house bug control.

Mr. Awesome has been going on for months about how we need a utility vehicle for moving feed and towing animal housing. I’m sure I’ve heard the pros and cons of every vehicle on the market (currently and in the past). I could not take it anymore. So, this past weekend, we bought a Kawaski Mule. When it came down to it, after all the tireless research he did, the only real deciding factor was could I comfortably reach the peddles. #shortpeopleproblems.

Kawasaki Mule



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