If you are following along, and really you should be, you know that because of the lonely single pig NomNom (rescued with the best of intentions) we now have 4 pigs-S. Pigs are highly social creatures. Having NomNom by herself was not ideal, even if we were visiting her often and she had the chickens to play with. So we got her some friends.


We were told they are Large Black Yorkshire crosses, but given the red and the spots, there are other genetics in the mix. They were born in late April, putting them at just about 3 months old. As you recall, NomNom is probably about 4 months old, but we don’t really know.

After some initial posturing where NomNom established her turf, everyone is getting on well. They sleep in a pile together in or near the hut that Mr. Awesome built for NomNom. I suspect they will outgrow it quickly now that there are 4 pig-S.

I know pigs are competitive eaters, but I’m shocked by how much more NomNom is eating in the presence of these new pigs. She has doubled, maybe tripled her intake. Was she depressed before? Seems likely. Between the four of them, they are eating approximately 25 pounds of gmo and soy free feed along with grass, roots, and scraps.


The spotted runt we’re calling Adams, stood over the feed pail guarding it while eating for at least 30 minutes yesterday! Where does he put it all? The man we got them from said he rationed their food, makes me wonder if the little guy was getting anywhere near his fair share? I think he already looks fuller.

That face, he’s even cuter than NomNom! There was a spotted female in this litter, if she had been available, we might have gotten a pet pig, or at least one to keep for breeding.


The black one, we’re calling Martha. She’s shy, but curious. I expect her to catch up with NomNom weight-wise fairly quickly. She’s an eating machine.


The red one has black dots too, but they are less noticeable. We’re calling him Washington. ┬áHe was too busy mowing down the grass for me to get a good photo this morning. All three of the new pigs have floppy ears of the Large Black, while NomNom’s stand up like a Yorkshire.


Happy Pig pictures would not be complete without a photo of the ham, NomNom.

Until next time…


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