The Pigginess of a Pig

Joel Salatin says you should love the pigginess of the pig. I say, it isn’t hard when they are this cute:


I’m going to eat you. Try to be less cute, ok?

She is intelligent and persistent. She knows when I’m headed to the paddock. She typically meets me at the fence and waits patiently (mostly) for me disconnect the electric fence and get into the paddock. She then insists, through head bumps and stout nudges, that I scratch her and/or give her the apples that I’m sure to have in my pocket.


Demanding scratches

To my knowledge she hasn’t even tested the electric fence, yet she is careful not to touch it. But, the other day, when the fence was off, she pushed it aside like she knew it was off and walked right out. FREEDOM!

There is a saying, ‘more slippery than a greased hog’…. We didn’t have grease to contend with, she was still nearly impossible. I played Judas using my piggy bond to sneak a rope around her neck.

I’ll be the first to say, this was not the best plan, but we didn’t figure that out for a while. #newbie farmer

The squealing was awful. You would have thought we were killing her right then and there with 100 buring pokers or something. She really WAS NOT HAVING IT. I’m surprised none of the neighbors came to check out the ruckus.

After about 30 minutes of getting absolutely no where expect sweaty and out of breath, Mr. Awesome decided to pick her up. The squealing intensified, but she did not struggle.

She was put back in the paddock where she promptly forgot my part in the capture. I think she’s still a bit wary of Mr. Awesome though.


Random chicken photo.

Until next time…..


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