That escalated quickly…

Yep, you guessed it, pig-S, hard emphasis on the S. Just last month we were like, “no more animals until the house is finished”. Now we’re pig farmers. Ok, that may be a stretch, but still… We have pig-S.


How did this happen? I asked myself the same thing this morning while surveying all the things that need to be done to care for pig-S vs. just a pig.

My former employer was very fond of root cause analysis. If you are unfamiliar, I’ve linked the wiki definition of here. Basically, you look at all the information to determine the underlying cause of the disaster. Right?

So while enjoying yet another cup of English Breakfast, I determined the root cause of our current 4-pig situation to be:  we got a single pig. Because she was single, she was lonely. This caused Mr. Awesome to casually comment, she needs a friend. Which caused me, to be me, and run right out to get more pig-S (leaving a Jennifer-sized hole in the wall on the way out).


So now we have pig-S and it’s all NomNom’s  fault. Clearly.

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “That escalated quickly…

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