Live from New York

Hello and greetings from up-state NY! I’m traveling for work this week, but I didn’t want to lose the momentum created last week.

If you have been following along, you know we’ve experienced bit of a population explosion here at the Happy Pig. It’s starting to smell look like a real farm now. Everyone appears to be settling in to their new digs without complaint.

We fixed the egg eater problem! It turns out, the offending ladies were simply taking advantage of already broken eggs. I’m now happy to report that after minor modifications to the nest boxes that mostly included a lot more bedding material, the egg eating has stopped. We collected 30 eggs Sunday!

The broody hen is well, though we’ve misplaced one of her eggs. I hope it didn’t go to any of my egg customers. Something tells me that a partially developed chick in the omelet will be the end of that particular customer.

Given my vast knowledge what little I know of chicken fetus development, I guessed the chicks would hatch while I’m away. I had hoped to be wrong, but Mr. Awesome informed me 3 of the 7 hatched last night. I missed most of the last hatch and it looks like I’ll be missing all of this one. 😐

When I return, we are going to move the older chickens inside the fence to allow all the chicks (we also have 12 four week olds) and mama hen to have the space to themselves.

In gradening news, the tomatoes have improved thanks to the addition of Tomato Tone, but they’re still puny. The cucumbers, however, are out of control! From two plants I get 2-4 cucumbers per day! I’m giving them to everyone including the dogs, chickens, and pig. It’s crazy! I’ m afraid to think what the’ll look like when I get back later this week.

Until next time….


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