22 Chickens, 12 chicks, and a pig walk into a bar….

Ok, it sounded better in my head, but I’m going with it anyway.

ISA Brown Hen

You call that funny?

Through some changes in her circumstances my friend K’s neighbor can no longer care for or feed her 4H animals (chicken, goats, and a pig). Based on the conditions I observed Monday, it looked like she stopped caring for them a while ago. So, we took the chickens, chicks, and pig to the Happy Pig. K took some chickens too and is caring for the goats until a new home can be sorted.

The new residents at the Happy Pig are:

12 ISA brown and five barred rock hens, 1 Rhode island red rooster (all about 4 months old), 4 cornish cross chickens that should have gone to freezer camp a month ago, 12 ISA brown chicks (~3 weeks old), and one white, maybe yorkshire, pig (~4 months old).

We know bringing these animals to our farm, was not a good idea. If we didn’t free range, we would not have done it. All of the animals (even the overgrown broilers) are seriously under weight and may have long-term complications due to malnutrition. A better business person would have said absolutely not. But I’m not a good business person, I’m a sad sack that cries during the ASPCA commercials.

Again, if we didn’t free range, we would not have done it. But we have space, and green grass. We are counting on the sunshine, grass, and space to keep/make everyone happy and healthy. Also, we are applying diatomaceous earth and apple cider vinegar liberally to all around.

That’s all for now. Next up, meet the new chickens¬†and pig.


5 thoughts on “22 Chickens, 12 chicks, and a pig walk into a bar….

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