Farm Update

Much news on the farm front here at the Happy Pig.

We’ve another broody hen. I tried to stop her, honestly, I really did. I know we have too many chickens, Mr. Awesome will tell you.  But this lady was determined! She flew over the electric fence to get back on the nest. I think the escape happened while I was in DC for work and visiting family. I know for certain the day after I returned she was sitting 10 eggs! I candled them on Tuesday (which could have been a week or just two days since I didn’t realize she was sitting on eggs until I’d been away for 6 days). Eight of the ten appeared to be developing, the other two not so much. I put the non-developing eggs in the fridge because we have no eggs to spare (more on that later).  We may have 8 new chicks soon. (it takes 21 days, but I’m not sure how long they are along now, I’ll have to keep a closer eye on this lady). 
We planted a few tomato, cucumber, and basil plants a couple weeks ago. I didn’t do a full garden because I couldn’t decide where/what, now do I have the time/energy to create the beds. So I bought plants, put them in containers, and crossed my fingers.

I picked 2 cucumbers and a pile of basil yesterday. The tomatoes, however, are looking a bit rough. I’ve fertilized them, and am hoping for improvement soon.

All the chickens, expect broody, are inside the electric fence now.

It isn’t going so great. It started out okay with just the littles and middles. When we put the bigs (the older hens) in, though things went a bit south. It didn’t help that we have a tree inside the electrified paddock. We now have nesting and roosting in the tree, escapees, and egg eaters. Clearly the tree was a bad idea, we’ll have to fix that with the next move. The escapees, we can cut their wings. But for the egg eating, we are at a loss. Again, it happened while I was away, and went unnoticed for about a week. We’re loosing about 10 eggs a day to breakage/eating. Not good. I’m afraid there are several chickens partaking in the fresh egg eating.

We welcome any suggestions.


5 thoughts on “Farm Update

  1. Unfortunately, the only thing I have ever heard of that actually works with egg eating is to find the culprits (egg on comb, etc) and butcher them. If they are not removed from the flock they teach others to do it and soon your whole flock is doing it. You could separate out the ones you think are doing it to confirm before you butcher them. No fun, but it’s the only thing I have heard of that actually works to deal with it.


    • Thank you for the suggestion. Culling is what I’m resigned to, I was just hoping someone had a miracle (and inexpensive) cure. Luckily, we have several pullets that are looking to be laying any day. Hopefully we’ll not be out of eggs too long.


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