Where Are They Now – Part 2: The Great Room

It has been just over 1 year since we began this adventure. In honor of the anniversary, I decided to do a few where are they now posts. This one will cover the great room.

So let me remind you what we started with. This house was a hot mess. What is to be the great room (a 25X25 foot open concept kitchen/dining/living room) encompasses the former eat-in kitchen,  bathroom, den and a bedroom.

This demo was by far the worse we’ve ever seen, and we’ve done a lot of demo.

We got most of the demo done before we moved in.


look mom! NO walls

Yesterday, we finally tore out the old bathroom. As expected, the sub-floor is rotten and will have to be replaced. In case I didn’t mention it before, no matter what anyone else tells you, NEVER USE PARTICLE BOARD FOR UNDERLAYMENT .

And so there you have it. We are still under construction, but we get closer every day. Related posts:

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5 thoughts on “Where Are They Now – Part 2: The Great Room

  1. Looking good at the Tennessee farm! I can’t wait to come and see it !! I got first Dibbs on the Hamic out on the pasture, will feed the chickens/do dishes and harvest eggs to pay ends meet. Love and hugs from Georgia !!

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