Hoop Coop for Pasture Raised Hens

Between chick days at the feed store and the broody hen, we have a few more chickens than the current infrastructure can comfortably house.



While I really want a Polyface eggmobile, I don’t think I can justify buying a tractor to tow it around the pasture when my fridge is still in the basement and I’m washing dishes in the bathroom.

So, after much internet searching for lightweight and inexpensive mobile chicken coops, we decided to build hoop coops. Hoop coops are fashioned after high tunnel green houses, a low cost way to extend the growing season. They work well as chicken tractors because they can be both lightweight and inexpensive. (They can also be huge and cost a fortune, but that’s not what we’re building).

Key consideration for our of hoop coops:

  1. Weight, we do not have a tractor or other means to move anything heavy. These coops will be moved by hand.
  2. Low cost, I’ve set a $200 dollar budget for the 3 houses.


One thought on “Hoop Coop for Pasture Raised Hens

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