Broody – Part 2

As predicted, the eggs that our broody hen was sitting on began to hatch while I was at the office Friday. By the time I got home we had 7 new baby chicks. Not wanting to miss a thing, I positioned myself on an overtured bucket and stayed there until the 8th was fully hatched (yes, I spent Friday night sitting on a bucket in the chicken coop #farmlife). Apparently breaking through the shell and into the world is hard work. #8 took many many rest breaks, there were several times during the evolution I was certain the chick was dead. But he lived (I say he because I’m pretty certain the last 3 are males, more on that later). #9 hatched late on Friday and #10 hatched mid-afternoon on Sunday.

All told we have 10 Happy Pig originals. The chicks were born in the coop, but for their safety we moved Mama and the chicks to the brooder in the barn with the hatchery chicks (they’re separated by chicken wire).









Everyone moved to the brooder. On the other side of the chicken wire is a hatchery chick checking out the new guys.


2 thoughts on “Broody – Part 2

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