Chick Days


Wander into any feed store in the nation over the month of March and you’ll be met with water troughs full of peeping baby chicks.

I tried to resist, honest I did… we don’t need baby chicks right now… especially given the broody… but I am weak and baby chicks are soooo cute….

We now have 27 fluffy baby chicks in a tote in the “kitchen”. They’re a mix of mostly tetra brown and easter egger pullets, 2 easter egger cockrels, and  what looks like 1 buff orpington and one wellsummer. With the exception of the tetra browns, which are a production breed, this purchase was strictly for fun and aesthetics. The easter eggers will be super cute with their beards, muffs and multi-colored plummage; and they’ll lay eggs in shades of green, which are a big hit with kids.

So, without further ado, I give you chick pics. The tetra browns are the yellow ones, the rest are easter eggers.



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