Week 46

Hello? Hello?


Is anyone there? I’ve not forgotten you. I swear! We’ve just not been doing anything terribly blog-worthy. No major milestone.

But, given we are approaching the 1 year mark, I think an update is due….

The gas company finally finished installing the gas line on our road and now we are hooked up. We’ve a spanking new gas water heater (free to new customers) and a hook-up for the gas stove we purchased on Black Friday which Sears is kindly storing for us (I hope).

We’ve put fiberglass batts in the exterior wall cavities and put up about half of the drywall (only half because we still not worked out the post/beam/collar tie equation for the great room area). Mr. Awesome rented a drywall lift, because holding drywall with your head sucks. A drywall lift is really the only way to go if you are installing drywall by yourself. We got it for week from home depot for $120. AMAZING!

Somewhat noteworthy, we’ve been living inside the house for a while. Fancy, I know. Since the drywall went up, we moved us, the dogs (including the in-law’s dog we’ve been sitting), and the cats into the office which is open to the living room (wood stove). It is a cozy 9X12 space (now insulated) so we can keep it warm with very little effort.

final floor plan

rough layout

Now, with the unseasonably nice weather, I’ve been preoccupied with thoughts of more chickens, building gardens, liming the pasture, clearing the brush, ect.).

Next post…how much brush can a brush hog hog, if a brush hog could hog brush?



3 thoughts on “Week 46

  1. When you are doing all the work yourself it doesn’t leave much time to write about it. I haven’t been consistently on mine since last fall because of work on 2 different houses. Neither of which are ours. 🙂 …and it looks like a 3rd (not ours) may be soon in the mix.

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