The Wood Burning Stove

Yes, the stove was installed in December and we haven’t burned a fire for at a least week due to the unseasonable warm weather the east has been experiencing; but, I promised the install information…

Once we decided that we were going to heat the farmhouse solely with wood heat, we sourced a catalytic combustion stove from a local retailer. They could not have been nicer, though, to tell the truth, I don’t think we’ve met anyone in east TN that isn’t nice as can be.

This Sierra Woodstove TEC-8000 was made to order in Nevada (made in the USA), and is technically large for our 1250 sf space. However, we’ll have cathedral ceilings in the living area where the stove is located, all agreed that the larger stove would be compensate for the elevated ceilings. As we do not yet have a ceiling (or attic insulation) I can not comment on the stove’s ability to overcome the elevated ceiling.

The stove arrived about 4 weeks after the order was placed. Before install activities began, the fireplace and chimney were cleaned.

Then they dropped in a flexible liner and the behemoth of a stove (400lb-ish) was wheeled off the back of the truck into the living room where it was lifted onto the fireplace hearth.

A heat shield was installed behind it, and that was it. All fairly simple, really. I think we could have done this ourselves. But, it was very nice to have someone else climbing on the roof in the rain and cold. The photo below was before the first fire. Since then, we’ve changed out the handles to all black and burned about 1/2 cord of wood and moved our sleeping quarters indoors. I give it 2 thumbs up.



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