They come to snuff the rooster…

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Mr. Awesome, I, and the animals spent the day eating delicious food and just hanging out. On Christmas Eve however, we culled roosters (it was not part of the plan, it just happened).

If one raises chickens, one must cull the roosters, it is a fact. You don’t need any roosters, but it you have them, it is best to have no more than one per 8-10 hens. We had 5 roosters and 34 hens. We knew from the onset that a few would have to go. One rooster in particular has been on the cull list for a long time. This silver lace wyandotte was pretty, but mean. He attacked someone just about every single day. I’ve had to defend myself more times than I can count. He was becoming more aggressive every day, and we knew he had to go, we’d just been lazy about it. I mean, we have other things to do…. right?


Pretty, but mean

The Friday before Christmas, while gathering eggs, I was attacked for the very last time. I had my head down grabbing eggs from the nest boxes and he tried to claw out my eyes  (ok, so maybe slight exaggeration). None the less, he knocked me down (yuck) and I broke about 10 eggs. That was it. I’d had enough.

That evening, after dark we snatched him and his brother (he wasn’t bad, but someone had to go) off the roost and put them in a dog kennel, because chickens are way easier to catch at night and you want them to be without food for a few hours before you butcher them. Christmas Eve morning dawned a dreary rain, so we decided that we’d skin the roosters rather than plucking because skinning is faster, less messy, and the roosters, being older, were destined for the soup pot anyway.

We now have two skinned roosters resting (aging) in a our refrigerator and I made my first batch of bone broth with chicken feet (more on that later).


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