Abundant Permaculture

Over the last two weeks, the focus has been keeping the critters and us warm and fed. The cold appears to be settling in around East Tennessee. We’ve moved entirely to the porch. It’s much easier to keep the 14 x 21 foot space warm. I am happy to report that with two 3000 watt space heaters, we are able to keep the porch about 30 degrees warmer than the outside (more on sunny days). And that isn’t bad. I’m fearful of the electric bill though.

On to the point of this post. While it has been cold, I’ve been watching all the videos in the 10-hour homesteading course at Abundant Permaculture https://abundantpermaculture.com/. This course is full of great information and interviews with celebrity farmers like Joel Salatin. If you are just starting out, or just starting to dream,  this is for you. Even if you are already well on your way to self staining farming, this well executed video series is worth a look. Great job, Justin Rhodes!


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