Farm Update -Week 29

Simon, the 4-year old stray tabby that adopted us, has been missing. His girlfriend, another stray that hangs around the farm but keeps her distance, has been looking for him. We suspect he was gotten by a coyote or a car. I hope that isn’t the case, that someone has taken him in, but it seems unlikely.

Simon paved the way Mr. Awesome’s finally acquiescing to barn cats. When I saw these two from a stray’s litter, I said, could not resist? Because really, you can’t have just one and who can say no to kittens?


Double Trouble


I know that kittens are not ideal for mousers, but I plan to train them (because everyone knows you can train a cat) and the one with the white chest is a fearless hunter. The other is a bit shy, but smarter.

For the moment, because they are young and small, they are living on the porch with us. They will go to the basement in a few months then to the barn in the spring.

The kittens do not have names yet because, apparently, all choices are obscure or dumb. I tend to lean to literary references, my suggestions of George and Eliot or Fitzwilliam (Fitz) and Darcy were met with considerable mirth.

Do you have a clever name suggestion for the duo?


In chicken news, our free-range hens are rewarding our patience with almost 2 dozen eggs a day! Luckily, we’ve a burgeoning egg business to handle the excess. Stay tuned for tips on what to do when your hens are making them faster than your family can eat them.


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