Renovation Update – Week 28.5

Fall has finally arrived. Overnight temperatures have been in the mid-20s the past few nights here in East Tennessee. Given the state of our renovation (stud walls, no ceiling, and no insulation), it has been a bit chilly indoors.

We wrapped the future 9X12 guest room in tarps (it’s a theme) and put a large rug on the floor, essentially making a 9X12 tent, and added a small space heater. This is where the dogs sleep and we hang out when we are not working or sleeping (Mr. Awesome and I are sleeping on the screened in porch to prevent renovation dust/debris from getting in our bedding and clothing). So far, this arrangement is keeping the temperature in the future guest room above 50 (despite an overnight low of 25 outside yesterday) which is okay for the dogs, and comfortable for us with appropriate layers of clothing. On the tarp-wrapped screened porch, we sleep under down comforters and we are toasty.

Now, as okay as the tent and down arrangement is, it is not a permanent solution. We purchased from Starnes Woodstoves, Patio & Chimney Sweeps last week. We anticipate having it installed the first week of December.

And now, the biggest news of the week (thus far)…. We have hot water and a shower INDOORS! I feel so fancy! Following last week’s rather sad revelation that our carefully preserved cast iron tub was a left-hand drain, we picked up an insulated steel tub with a right-hand drain (future post on the bathtub to come). We installed the tub, the salvaged toilet, and the deep sink from the barn into the future guest bath and the washing machine into the laundry room. To say I’m excited, would be a tremendous understatement. It’s almost like a real house now, a very drafty farmhouse.


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