Renovation Update – 28 Weeks

A more accurate title might be Renovation Bloopers…

We have been at this for 28 weeks (as the title implies). During that 28 weeks, we’ve never once strayed from the expectation that we would salvage both the cast iron tub and the toilet from the existing bathroom. Not one single time have we considered buying new. We have roughed in the new bathroom with the assumption that we’d used the old (and in great shape) fixtures. Right….

So while I’ve been hard at work, logging long long hours, Mr. Awesome has been at the farmhouse doing everything in his power to get the plumbing moved indoors before the impending freezing temperatures without disrupting our lives any more than they already are. Two days ago, he surgically removed the approximately 500lb cast iron tub BY HIMSELF. (swoon) and deposited it in the kitchen area. Where it has been for two days (this will be important later) while he did the rough-in in the new bathroom.

The new guest bathroom is 6 X 8.5 and has a a wet wall on the right, the tub goes along the back, and the window is positioned left of center on the back wall.


The tub we have had and have been planning to use since April presnting prime trip hazard in kitchen area.

It  was not until last evening, 28 weeks after we got the bathtub, that I took notice of the drain’s location…



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