Renovation Update – Week 27

The Youngster came from Virginia for a visit last week. Needless to say, we did NOT reorganize the facilities while she was here. However, the temperatures have been fairly mild so maybe she didn’t mind it too much.

With all the visiting and site-seeing done with the Youngster, there isn’t much to report in the way of renovation but, we did do some beautifying. In other words, moving and consolidating all the piles of materials into less visually trashy piles of material. For example, I am somewhat hippy-like (or maybe hoarder-like) in my desire to save and repurpose EVERY PIECE of old wood/window/brick. In my defense, we’ve (Mr. Awesome’s) built several things thus far from reclaimed materials (the hen house, the mailbox, ect). And I have PLANS for the rest.

Such as a greenhouse made from the old windows like one of these beautiful inspirational photos:

And a patio made from the old bricks and block:

All these plans led to several unsightly piles around the house, so we spent two afternoons in the sun (it has been unseasonably warm lately) shifting the treasures from the front and back yards to the barn, trash pile, or fire pit (aka former shed foundation). The view coming up the drive is much improved, as is the view from the back (north) porch. Best of all, folks are less likely to think we are squatting on an abandoned building site now.

In other news, I’ve picked a doorknob for the front door. It is gorgeous, no?


I could not find anyone locally that carries this beauty, so I ordered it from Lowes. With the free shipping I expect to be able to walk out my front door and watch from the porch while the country goes to $%*t on November 8.

Access to the front door was made possible when Mr. Awesome ran the 220 line to the other side of the house. The back of the house is where the kitchen will be when this renovation is done, so it makes sense. It is a step forward, rather than laterally; and it helps me envision the future kitchen layout. Also, we can use the front door, when we get the door knob.

In the spirit of beautification, I also cleaned the hen house a little. So maybe I’ll be able to post photos of the mostly completed hen house later this week.



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