Say hello to my little friend


We seem to have been adopted, at least a little, by a stray tabby. He showed up while we were having dinner on the porch early last week with the Youngster. He was clearly starving,  so we tossed him some delicious BBQ chicken. He came back the next morning for more left over chicken. Then the Youngster bought some cat food. Now, he appears to be sleeping on our back porch.

The cat, we’re calling Simons in reference to him being orphaned and a thief, isn’t super feral, he likes human contact, but he’s skittish, most of the time. Those times that he isn’t are when there’s food on the table. He is one serious mooch! The other night, he stole Mr. Awesome’s ice cream right out of his lap while we were sitting at the fire pit!


Each day he seems a bit more at ease with us, so I suspect it will not be long before he’s ‘ours’. At which time, I’ll set him up a nice cozy bed out in the barn to keep the mouse population to a minimum. He’ll also get a trip to the vet for a neuter, exams, a rabies shot, and probably some parasite treatment.


3 thoughts on “Say hello to my little friend

  1. I ended up with a stray cat like that. He was to be our barn cat. Well he ended up in our home and in our hearts. One of the best pets I have ever had. We had him for seven years. He was an old cat when he found us. Its been two years since we had to have him put down and we still miss him. “you don’t choose a cat, the cat chooses you “.

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