Review of the Plan

Remember when I told you about our First Year Plan? Where I said we’ll have a house, chicken coop, fence, winter garden, and pigs in the first year? I thought it might be “fun” to honestly evaluate our progress against the plan, given that we are half way through the first 365 days.

Priority #1 House: Well, we are living there….. Okay, you’re right. We have made progress, (demo and windows) but there’s still a long way to go.

Chicken Coop: Since Part 3 of the Chicken Coop Build  we’ve added the nest boxes (8) and we got the first eggs about four weeks ago. (I really need to clean the coop so I can take some photos) We are now getting just under a dozen eggs a day and I’m certain that one of the ladies is not laying in the nest box, but I’ve not found her personal nest yet. I’d like to add lights around the coop to make it easier for me during locking them up and letting them out activities.

A Fence for the Dogs: We’re considering the GPS based invisible fence system. Does anyone have experience/thoughts on that? We have however, made no progress on the fencing.

Fall Garden: I have great worm soil, and have chosen the perfect spot for the raised beds, but actually building and planting the garden is  taking a back seat (maybe even trunk) to everything else that must be done. I will consider myself  lucky to plant the irises I dug up in Missouri and maybe prune the apple trees.

Pigs: Our plan was not until the spring, so we’re still on track.


4 thoughts on “Review of the Plan

  1. We have a invisible fence for our dog. The unit plugs into the wall somewhere..and you can control how big of a circle you want to use. The dog wears a collar and it has batteries..we go through one every 2 months our girl doesnt test limits but shes been using it for 7 years now. It beeps at her when she is close to the line and if she gets to the line it shocks it will continually shock until she comes back. Weve used it for a long time and most of the time they learn quick we’ve never had a problem. We introduced a younger dog and he learned quick. Ours was older and she learned quick also. Tractor supply sells them.


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