Renovation Update – 26 weeks

As you know, we moved into the farmhouse about 3 weeks ago. I spent the first two weeks away on a work trip, proof that there really are some perks to work travel. Just kidding! I love waking up to the sounds of nature, drinking tea while watching the sun rise over the ridge. Being early fall, it is an exceptional view with all the leaf colors.

As I mentioned earlier, we set up our sleeping and major living area on the screened porch (East Porch). We’ve hung tarps for privacy, and perhaps some heat capture, but I’m not overly optimistic. Yesterday morning, the first frost, was fairly balmy at approximately 47 oF.

Luckily, we have an extra warmth Alberta goose down comforter from The Company Store which, combined with a light weight blanket was more than adequate. Also the East Porch is small enough a space heater will keep temps reasonably comfortable for sleeping despite the somewhat less than adequate insulation provided by the 12 mil tarps.

On an aside, if you can swing it, the American made products from The Company Store are amazing. And they come with lifetime guarantees. I’ve been a fan for many years.


One tarp open for ventilation

Mr. Awesome built an elevated platform for our mattress which, allows substantial storage underneath. It has the added benefit of keeping the dogs off the bed, and us off the concrete floor.

The puppies do not seem to mind

For cooking we’ve a highly efficient system: The stove, which we saved from the former kitchen, is in the former kitchen area right in front of the new front door because that’s where the 15-prong plug is located (clearly I’m exaggerating here, but how many prongs are really necessary and what are they all for?). We also have a rolling cart with food and a few dishes and a butcher block island for food prep in the kitchen area. The fridge is in the basement.

For hygiene we have an equally efficient, albeit far more breezy system: The existing bathroom is still standing inside the house. In it is a small sink and toilet, along with a window to the rest of the house and two large holes from where Mr. Awesome removed the shower plumbing to use in the barn where we have hot water (no hot water inside).

img_1104-1In the barn, approximately 200 feet from the working toilet, we have a shower set-up (tarps around a shower head) in a former wash bay for horses. The washing machine is also out there, since that’s where the hot water is, and the dryer is in the house.


Outside Arrangements

It is a  lot like camping without the Thermarest and dirty fingernails. And, like camping (usually), it’s only temporary. A small price to pay for living our (my) dream, right?

We plan to modify the arrangements over the next few days, so stay tuned. We may have all the ‘facilities’ inside the house soon or at least before the first hard freeze (January-ish).

My apologies on the photo quality. My  photographer, Mr. Awesome, was not available. Apparently there are more important things than this blog.


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