Time’s Up…

We’re moving from the apartment to our new digs, the East Porch, which is what we (I) are (am) calling the the screened porch which, is the most eastern of the three porches on the farmhouse. We will be living on the East Porch for some time as yet unspecified because, unlike the house, it has a complete floor. It may be a bit breezy, but hey, so’s the house.

Sounds swank and posh? Yea, not so much. BUT, the price is right AND it allows us to finally get started enjoying our land daily. Which is why we started this whole journey in the first place, right?

Mr. Awesome says I can’t call it camping because we have all the mod cons except AC and walls. Personally, I think no walls is just about the definition of camping, but what do I know? I’m envisioning it being like a 300 square foot platform tent. Either way, it is an an adventure that begins NOW. 

inspirational platform tent


2 thoughts on “Time’s Up…

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