Renovation Update – 23 Weeks

A mere 22.5 weeks ago we began dismantling the 1950 brick ranch, I lovingly refer to as the Farmhouse. Over the past weekend, I think we finally finished. (Well, there is still the matter of the bathroom in the middle of the house, but that is staying for a while I think). What I’m trying to say here is, we set no land speed records. It took awhile.

I kicked the final piece of drywall off the ceiling on Sunday morning. OORAH! Mr. Awesome kindly waited until I was finished crawling around the attic to enlighten me as to the nature of the black grainy stuff that covered every surface of the attic and former ceiling… I spent half the day Monday researching Hantavirus.

The contractors are making steady progress on the front of the house. More brick has been replaced, and the front windows and new front door are in. They should be finished with the brick repairs to the front of the house this week. It looks AWESOME! I think the entire front of the house looks about 120% better. Of course, I don’t actually have a picture of to share, but trust me, it looks GREAT!

The inspector showed up unexpected and unannounced. He did not sign off on the porch. He did however chide us for not having the windows inspected before replacing the brick. I don’t know what that means for the future, will he not sign off on the next permit phase? is he expecting us to take the brick down? He didn’t say anything else…. Grrr.

Three and a half weeks to lease end (we extended because of Mr. Awesome’s injury, he’s better now, thanks). However, I’ve a work trip the first week of October meaning we’ll have to do the moving out part a bit in advance. So really, we have only 2.5 weeks to:

  • frame the new walls, so that we can lay the underlayment/subfloor thereby allowing neither us nor our dogs to not fall through the holes in the subfloor
  • create a functional bathroom area complete with a working light (we had a functional bathroom, but we got a bit gung-ho and disconnected some of the plumbing and the electrical a while ago, so this should be an easy fix.)
  • create a food storage and prep area also with light (also, probably not big deal, as we did save a couple cabinets, a countertop, the sink, and stove from the original kitchen and we have a fridge and deep freeze. A bit of plumbers putty, a new faucet, and a couple electrical outlets, we’ll be good to go.)
  • rodent-proof the house to prevent continued visits from the local raccoon and mouse populations (don’t be jealous, I live the glamorous life)

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3 thoughts on “Renovation Update – 23 Weeks

  1. It is becoming magnificent !! You guys have don great work I see. Many congrats to your efforts!! Truly The Farmhouse 🙂
    Mike Lehman Family


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