The Happy Pig, We Have the Turkeys….

Wild turkeys, that is. We’ve spotted them crossing the pasture behind the farmhouse several times over the last couple weeks. A whole gang of about 12-20 turkeys, paraded across the field Saturday and I decided….

There will be wild turkey for Thanksgiving this year…provided they cross the field during the October 17-31 hunting season, of course.

If wild turkey cannot be had, then it will be wild rabbit on the Thanksgiving table. The rabbits are plentiful and regular, so should not be a problem for Mr. Awesome to acquire a few during the rather long rabbit season that starts before and ends after Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, aside from a table and dishes, we are short a few items necessary to host this wild Thanksgiving, specifically, a kitchen or dining room. It will be a rustic affair at the least. Maybe we could grill the turkey/rabbit and dine al-fresco or in the barn….

#imaginary #fantasy #unlikely to happen


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