Farmhouse Reno Update – Week 22

A lot has happened since the last update, so please settle in while I catch us up.

There have been 3 installments (first and second) of the porch build, to-date. In the third installment, the porch was unfinished. Not much has changed since then. We need a building inspection before we can go any further. The contractor is waiting until the brick is completely repaired and the new front door installed before he calls for the inspection. However, it still looks AWESOME! I am already imagining all the holiday decor that will grace that porch in the months to come.

The old porch was demolished. During the demo, a second smaller porch was discovered…. so much concrete to haul away at $45 a ton.

A beautiful shiny new Galvalume®roof was installed after many delays associated with the electrical meter/inspection. I like shiny things and a non-leaky roof is real nice too. The gutters were also installed; which, stopped the water coming into the basement. Fabulous!

The electrical meter was moved from right beside the window that is to become the new front door to the side of the house and the electrical line was buried.Too bad they appear to have bricked AROUND the meter. Hopefully the mason will be able make the patch unnoticible, but if not, we’ll call it character.

That is all for now. Click on the photo below to start the slide show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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