Farm Update – Week 22

It’s hay days again. We’ve had a solid 5 days without rain and are expecting another 7. Tractors are cutting and hauling hay all over east Tennessee.


The Broilers are now 6 weeks old. Based on my calibrated biceps, I’d say they weigh about 3.5-4lbs. they’re eating about 1/3 of a pound of food each per day. Which, with the hen’s 1/4lb consumption per day means approximately 100lb of feed every week. I’m on the lookout for bulk feed options, but so far have found the limit on bulk deliveries to be 3 tons, which is far more than I need. I think 500lb would be a good amount. Does anyone know wholesaler of non-gmo chicken feed in the Knoxville area that deals in smaller quantities? Anyone?

I picked pears over the weekend. I’m very excited to make some spicey pear something or other. I’ve them in a bag now, to ripen. Yep, pears are picked mature but, not ripe. They ripen after you pick them. Pears ripen from inside out, so by the time they feel ripe on the tree (if the birds haven’t beaten you to them), they’ll be mealy. So, I picked a pound of small to very small misshapen ugly pears with a hopeful heart. I’ll let you know how they taste in a later post.


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