We Have Windows People!!!

Approximately two weeks ago, we ordered new windows for the farmhouse. More specifically, I spent 5 hours at Lowes (because they were the only place open on Saturday) ordering windows for the farmhouse to replace the old and mostly broken 70’s era aluminum windows. We went with Pella’s 250 series vinyl widows because Pella is American made and Lowes is open on Saturday. The 250 series was only $7 more than the ThermaStar entry price point, but comes with injected foam insulation, better glass, and more substantial framing. Based on the information on the National Fenestration Rating Council’s website, the 250 series has great energy and solar gain ratings too. And, the biggest selling feature, Lowes is open on Saturday. Seriously, why are there NO building supply or window stores open on Saturday in Knoxville?

We had originally been told the windows would not arrive until 5 September, but I got a call on Friday evening that they had arrived the store. I arranged to pick them up around 9am on Saturday, because delivery would be another week and we did not want to wait. Saturday morning we picked up a trailer and proceeded to Lowes as arranged at 9:15. After approximately 30 minutes of delightful conversation with the rep at the customer service desk, she identified someone to go fetch my windows. About an other 30 minutes of conversation later, her phone rings and we are informed that my windows are “up” and therefore can not be fetched at this time for several reasons including no operator (forklift?) and a kids clinic (no idea). I was told to come back later. Later when? I asked. So she called him back. After noon, she said after hanging up again. As much as I had enjoyed my hour long chat with this woman, I did not want to repeat it, which it sounded like I surely would if I were to just come back after noon as suggested. So I arranged (through 3 more calls) to have the windows gotten down from “up” and staged near the pro desk for pick up at 1230.

By this point, it is approximately 10:30, Mr. Awesome is not thrilled. To tell the truth, I’m not either, but I hide it better. When we return at 12:30 I was happy to see that the windows had indeed been staged by the door, however it took another 30 minutes to get someone to open the door. OMG, at this point I’ve realized why no one else is open on the weekends, they don’t have to be. The weekends are clearly amateur hour. I did meet a woman in line at the pro desk that offered to talk with me in the future about her rustic furnishing business and her markets. Which is potentially awesome, as Mr. Awesome  occasionally builds furniture.

Rather than continuing with the blow by blow, I’ll tell you: we loaded and reloaded the trailer/windows 3 times, I now know that approximately eight 36-inch windows will fit in a Jeep Liberty with two uncomfortable adults, I can indeed drive 35 mph (who knew?), eight feet of glorious south facing window is heavy (even with the little handle), and if ever we do this again, WE WILL HAVE THE WINDOWS DELIVERED.

Hope you’re all having a great Monday!!


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