Architect = Artist

When we fired the architect it was a matter of expectations.

When we decided to hire an architect to design the house, we had envisioned him coming in measuring the existing house then creating a design that required moving a couple of walls to improve the function of the space. We assumed it would take a few weeks and then we’d have this amazing layout that utilizes every square inch of the 1250 square feet of the farmhouse. You know, like Property Brothers or any of the 400+ home improvement shows on HGTV and DIY network that are not based in reality with real money or real timelines.

What we got however, was a conceptual design that was not really based on the existing structure of the farmhouse. After months ideas, suggestions, and many sketches, when we got what Architect called “final proposed plan” which was essentially a brand new house. The footprint on his plan was larger than our house and he’d suggested moving the center wall that supports the roof to make the hallway bigger. I was too annoyed to bother with revisions.

At this point we had already started working on the porch. We decided to cut our loses, pay Architect for what he’d done thus far, and design the house ourselves.Which sounds more like Renovation Realities, the only home-improvement show that attempts to dissuade you from undertaking any project at all.

I would not call it a complete waste of money though. I was able to bounce ideas off him and get his opinion/input on a lot of thing design-wise. My constant questions/ideas/changes can be tiresome and annoying, so being able to talk through ideas with someone other than Mr. Awesome was helpful.


2 thoughts on “Architect = Artist

  1. We’ve been working on moving back to the midwest and possibly purchasing a fixer upper. But what you’ve mentioned is something I’ve been afraid of. I’d want to hire someone who is competent and can help us design the interior – someone who has better vision than I do. But what if they’re way off? Did you do reviews on this architect? Go on yelp? Are you going to bring in people to do a lot of the “heavy” work?


    • I originally reached out to and met with a very environmental green architect. I really liked her, but she was horrible at responding. We waited days for her to respond to emails or return calls. We didn’t want to deal with that long term, so we met with the final Architect, he was recommended by a builder and he was responsive, or so he seemed initially. Turns out he responds when he’s not busy. Given we know so much about building, we know what we want, and we are doing the work ourselves, we decided we do not need an architect. If we were expecting someone else to do the work, we probably would have continued with the architect. But honest, we did a massive Reno at our last house without an architect. It just depends on your builder and building codes.

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