Progress Slows

Happy Monday! This post is brought to you by Advil and her stronger brother Aleve.

On Thursday, Mr. Awesome discovered the brick we had purchased to repair the new doors/windows holes, on the farmhouse is 1/2 too short, and we can’t get any brick in any color that is the right size. Short of made to order bricks, we’re left with reusing the old bricks or having wonky mortar line.

Shortly after relaying that bit of brick heartbreak to me, Mr. Awesome sent the following text… I wouldn’t worry about it, I’m fairly certain I just broke my ankle again…. WHAT?!?!?!

I found out later that he was feeding the chickens when he stepped out of the coop and missed the cinder block step. After rolling around on the ground for a bit he picked up the bucket and finished feeding the free loaders before hobbling to the truck and driving himself home. It is times like this I think a more appropriate title might be Mr. Stubborn.

With Mr. Awesome on crutches for 3-ish weeks, the interior renovation that hasn’t really started has come to a screeching halt. Needless to say, we will not be moving in 4 weeks. We’ve extended the lease on the apartment 30 days.

However, this is the ONLY extension we will be doing… PERIOD. They’re charging us a $500 premium on top of the rent for the month. Can you believe that crap?!? I explained the situtation, they were very sympathic, but rules are the rules.


5 thoughts on “Progress Slows

  1. Ugh, sorry for the stumbles, both literally and figuratively. It seems with every project, there’s something that stops you from going full bore forward. Hang in there. It all comes out in the wash!


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