We Won’t Have Windows if We Don’t Order Windows

Renovation Frustrations

Mr. and I spent the weekend discussing the master bathroom/closet and windows… Or rather, we began a conversation about these thing which morphed into generalized irritation, which seamlessly merged into every fight we have ever had about anything house-related ever (including all previous renovations).

It’s not a new thing, in fact it is such a well worn subject I almost want to say  something like we’ve been here before, have you anything new to add? No? Ok, I’m going to do the laundry or something. But I can’t say that because I’m adult and I get it…

Mr. is frustrated about is all of the projects that I have delayed because I am too slow and indecisive while also being worried about the the timeline. I overthink and change my mind 100 times, and I research. And reconsider. And research some more. And vocally stress about the time line while still not making decisions.

We hired Architect to short circuit some of that, but he didn’t really do much, and now the Architect is fired (more on that later).

The things that are unique about me do NOT improve the life of this man of mine. In fact, they likely make his life more difficult. On the other hand, his unique qualities improve my life immensely.

So I understand WHY he finds me frustrating. However, it is not my fault that I was smarter when choosing my partner than he was.

Also, for the record – there are PLENTY of things about him that I find aggravating.

We (I) did eventually decide on the windows and master bath/closet layout. The window/doors are being reframed and mason started reworking the brick on Tuesday. We will have eight glorious feet of south facing windows in the master bedroom, and six feet  of windows and a glass door in the kitchen. It will be fabulous!

The other rooms will also have windows, obviously, just not as grand as eight feet of south facing windows. Why didn’t we put big windows in the living room which is also south facing? you may be asking. Well its a bit complicated, but comes down to symmetry and more accurately, the new porch is in the way.

I considered installing a door with side lights to somewhat offset the lack of windows, but decided that $4000 for a door was not a justifiable expense.

Besides, it’s balanced… the living room gets the grand porch entrance and the 13×12 master bedroom gets grand windows.


my design drawing


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