How to Improve the Look of a Brick Ranch – A New Porch for the Farmhouse Pt. 3

The porch is coming along very nicely. In Part 1, we saw demo of the old porch (minus the foundation) under beautiful blue skies. Part 2 showed you the framing and some very questionable scaffolding. On day 3 there was rain. Most of the roof decking was installed before the skies opened. The guys put a tarp over the exposed roof rafters and called it a day after that.

They left a large gap in the decking to accommodate the electric that runs from the roof to the meter that is RIGHT beside the future front door. Why anyone would put the meter on the front of the house is beyond me. It was/is rather noticeable and very unattractive.Though I guess it’s attractiveness pales in comparison general unkempt appearance of the house.


To mitigate the eyesore, the meter is being moved to the left side of the house by the garage, where it should have been in the first place. We’re also burying the electrical line from the pole (far left side of the driveway) underground so we do not have to have a pole sticking out of the front roof (immediately above the meter in the photo) and to lessen potential power outages resulting from falling branches around the house.

To make all the movement/burying possible and cost effective, we had an electrician install a new main breaker panel on the left side of the house with a new meter. This main will feed the existing breaker panel that has all the house wiring in it. To move what is now a the existing breaker panel would have cost a lot more money as well as a full electrical re-wire and several additional permits and inspections. This was only a few hundred dollars, got the meter off the front of the house, and makes it possible to live in the house while we remodel. We’re waiting for the electric company to move the meter now. Hopefully that will happen tomorrow, then the guys can finish up the porch and demo the foundation of the old porch.

Once the porch is on, the roofers can install the new roof. YAY!!


4 thoughts on “How to Improve the Look of a Brick Ranch – A New Porch for the Farmhouse Pt. 3

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