A New Porch for the Farmhouse Pt. 1

There should be a law that mandates all homes have a front porch. My opinion, of course. But seriously, wouldn’t all homes look better with a front porch? They’re inviting, charming, and add to the livable space of your home.The front porch acts as a social mechanism. When you spend time on the front porch you feel connected to the neighbors, even if you only wave to them as they drive by.

The Farmhouse had a front porch (as well as a back porch and a side porch), but the front porch was underwhelming, to say the least. As part of our renovation, we’re changing the front porch from the existing shed roof on the right side of the house to a gabled affair on the left side that will provide some much need height to the front elevation of the house.

The first step was to obtain a building permit. The local authorities require a permit for just about everything tiny thing you could think of doing to your home. Following approval of the permit application, Patterson Home Builders began removing the old, underwhelming porch. Then they dug holes for the new porch footers and removed the roofing material that would be covered by the new porch. Lucky for all, it was a beautifully sunny and not terribly warm (relative to the heatwave we’ve been experience) day for demo.

The photos below show the progress, click one to start a slideshow. Warning, it’s a bit messy because the dumpster did not show up until day 3.




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