Mr. Awesome Builds a Chicken Coop: Part 3

The chicks have a new address.

It’s a fixer upper, but the ladies don’t seem to mind.

Left to is do is install the nest boxes (the brown square on front of the coop), cut a chicken door, add wire mesh to the front window, and paint. Mr. Awesome wants to add more trim, either way, there’s nothing urgent left to do. The ladies have no need for a nest box, as they’re still free loading theenages. If they had the nest boxes now, they’d sleep in them. To prevent them developing that nasty habit, you have to keep access to the boxes blocked until they’re at point of lay (right before they start laying). We’ll holding off installing the nest boxes until they start reaching point of lay. Check back in the future, I’ll tell you how to determine point of lay.

Now, you may be wondering why we put them in the coop before we gave them a chicken door. They won’t be needing a door for a week or two because they won’t be going outside unsupervised until I’m certain that they know where home is and that they’ll come home at night (as we don’t live at the property full-time). Chickens aren’t the smartest things, you know.

The contractors started yesterday, and I’ve a fluffy little secret, I’ll reveal tomorrow. ‘Til then chicken photos (click for full size image):


8 thoughts on “Mr. Awesome Builds a Chicken Coop: Part 3

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