Change of Plans

Wow! We’ve hit the 15 week mark. This has been an exciting week! We started the chicken coop, (more on that later), there was a crazy hailstorm that left me fearful for what we may find on farmstead, and I’ve FINALLY landed on the perfect layout for the Farmhouse. Yes, I know I’ve already posted the plan but things have changed a bit since then.

Let me explain….

As you may recall, when we first started this process we were looking for raw pasture land on which we could build a small less than 1000 square foot home that would fit us and our particular brand of crazy. When we realized that wasn’t likely to be found in our price range, we shifted to looking for pasture land with a smallish house, (less than 1500sf). When we found the Farmhouse, we chose it for the property, not the house. It has a 1250sf footprint, but the functionality was non-existent (Inside the Farmhouse) and there was a lot of damage and deferred maintenance that would need to be addressed. So we opted for a full gut.

A completely blank canvas can be overwhelming so we hired an architect. And told him we wanted a better layout with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a mudroom with laundry. Because conventional wisdom says you must have 3 bedrooms and I’ve always wanted a mud room, right?

However when we got the first draft of the Plan  from the architect, it was so squished and there was no view out the back of the house. A bedroom had to go, but you can’t have just 2 bedrooms in a rural environment…. what if we have to sell?

I agonized (I know, so dramatic) but, it is really hard to let go of conventional wisdom, what you think you NEED. But finally, after a couple weeks, we let go of the 3rd bedroom. And we got something like this

floorplan 2.0While we were ruminating on the revised plan, we were finishing up the back porch demo. Remember it was an enclosed porch.


Once is was all demolished (and the boards were used to build the chicken coop). The view from the future kitchen and dining area were much improved. So we considered rebuilding the porch/mudroom with a lot of glass. But last weekend I was on the porch all weekend, pulling nails. I couldn’t get over how awesome it was sitting there on our porch with a view of our property. Not to mention the breeze inside the house from the kitchen window that used to look out onto the enclosed porch.

So, earlier this week I spent some time marking up the revised draft plan and arrived at a solution that allows the porch to remain open and the laundry to stay on the main level…

final floor plan

Final Conceptual Drawing

The architect is currently working on the final plan. I’ll share it once we have it.

I nixed the mudroom and added a pantry/laundry room beside the kitchen. We’re back at 1250 square feet, and probably shaved 3ok off the renovation costs. Both good things! The boot/dog wash is gone, but we can put an outdoor shower beside the porch to wash boots and dogs. It will all be fine. The view is far more important.

This is going to be our home for the foreseeable future. If someday down the road, we have to sell, the we’ll worry about it then. We are designing a home for us; the us that we are today. We need only one spare room and we want a view to the backyard and pasture beyond.

The moral here, prioritize don’t be afraid to go against the tide. What is the worst that can happen (provided you don’t go completely off the rails)?



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