Week 10 Update

Can you believe it? We purchased the property ten weeks ago. TEN WEEKS! 2.5 months! It feels like yesterday, and sometimes ten years ago (but only when I’m exhausted). The time is flying by and we (Mr. Awesome) has done so much.

  • We closed on the house April 9. I had food poisoning, it was not good. We didn’t actually start demo until the following weekend and then it was a bit half-hearted
  • We cleaned out and power washed the murder basement; turns out the water in the basement is associated with crappy gutters, so we fixed the gutters and viola! no more water in the basement. YAY! we also got a foundation guy out to advise us on fixing the foundation; he said the foundation issue is not a big deal either, just a bit of hard labor I’ll detail in an upcoming post
  • We removed all the paneling, finish flooring, and insulation
  • We removed the ceiling and brick wall from the den
  • We bought 36 chicks (against everyone’s better judgement) and built an awesome brooder  for them to grow in
  • We cleaned out and partially dismantled two sheds, did not complete either because of nesting birds
  • We cleaned out and power washed the inside of the barn
  • We’ve done massive amounts of land clearing, mowing, weeding, and burning
  • We saved all the lumber from the sheds and house so we’ve pulled about a million nails and moved most of the boards to the barn
  • We re-homed all the trim, paneling, cabinets, light fixtures, the laminate flooring, and some of the carpet

Unbelievably, there is still demo to do. The punch-list for that is:

  • remove the drywall from the ceilings throughout the house
  • remove the bathroom walls and fixtures
  • remove the furnace chimney
  • remove all windows (likely to sub that to the builder since we are changing the size of the openings and there will be brick work)
  • remove the front porch (likely to sub that out to the builder)
  • remove the walls of the back porch
  • remove interior stud walls (Mr. Awesome has already started that one)

In other news, we are narrowing in on a builder. Wahoo! We screened more than 15, and whittled the list down two 2. More on that later.

Also, despite what we were told by many of the 15 builders, we do in fact need building permits, lots of them, for this work. Fortunately for us, the county does not require the permit be pulled or the work be performed by a licensed contractor, so not a big impact to our bottom line. And since we are not changing the footprint of the house, the permit approval process will be quick.

Some photos you’ve not yet seen below.


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