First Year Plan


If you haven’t noticed yet, you will soon…. I like to have a plan. Mr. Awesome will tell that I don’t, because I never follow them (which, isn’t true). I’m just real good at adapting to change when necessary. Doesn’t mean I don’t like to start with a plan.

The experts say you should limit your first year to your top 5 priorities when starting a farmstead. That said, our first year plan is:

House: we need a place to live before we can make anything else happen, therefore the house is priority number 1, so far we’ve gotten most of the demolition done. We have not finalized the renovation plans or secured a contractor, #notstressed

Chicken coop: barn was priority number 2, but then I got chickens, so a a coop is needed

Dogs: our property is only about a third fenced and our dogs (100# and 65#) will chase anything that runs, we need a fence (or something) to keep them on our property and not chasing the free ranging chickens…. suggestions?

Fall garden

Pigs: we’ve already gotten some chickens, in the spring we’ll get feeder pigs (eggs and bacon!)


2 thoughts on “First Year Plan

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