Demo Days – The Den

Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, that we’ve met since taking on this project knew/knows the former owners/family of our property. And they’ve got stories to tell. One such story:

Apparently, though there is absolutely no signs of it anywhere on the property, there was a fire that consumed the original farm house in the 1970’s. The house that we are renovating is the 1970’s rebuild. At the time of the rebuild, the den was destined to be a carport. But somewhere along the way, before the brick on the outside was completed, the original owner wife decided she wanted a den.

So the den (that was almost a carport) has a pre-stressed panel concrete floor and a brick wall separating it from the kitchen, the bathroom, and one of the bedrooms on the west side of the house.

We started by removing the paneling (Demo Week 1), then we took down the ceiling. The attic insulation had been removed previously by Crawl Space Ninja. OMG! Talk about efficient and professional. They got all the insulation out of the attic in a day and a half and, not that it mattered, they made zero mess.They used a giant vacuum to suck all the insulation out of the attic through the scuttle. If you ever need to replace your attic insulation, and you live in the Knoxville area, I highly recommend these guys.

Because I’m the shortest and most flexible, I got to go into the attic over the den and kick the drywall down (sometimes it really pays to be a yogi). Sweaty, somewhat scary, and kinda fun, except for the excrement. Again, hat’s off the Crawl Space Ninja. I can not imagine how gross it was before the bulk of the crap, literally, was removed.


Cleaning up the drywall – sooo many squats

Then we tackled the brick wall. We started off with high hopes and a sledge hammer, because the internet said we could. But, um, no.We removed 10 bricks in about an hour. A sledge hammer was not going to get the job done, at least not while we’re young. Just NOT.


that’s all we managed to remove in one hour with a sledge hammer (I did the right side)

So we rented an impact hammer. Best money spent so far, the Ninjas aside. Blaine was able to make quick work of the brick wall with the impact hammer.That man can work! Now, if we could just get the architect to do the same??

blaine bricks

after the impact hammer

BTW, we are just under 3 month away from our September move-in-whether-it’s-done-or-not-date. Have I mentioned we still do not have drawings for from the architect? I’m not worried… not at all.

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