Particle board, thy name is crap!


Kitchen underlayment before

Why, why, why??? Particle board is made of compressed sawdust and glue. It behaves like a sponge when it gets wet. Therefore, I beg….WHY USE IT AS UNDERLAYMENT? Seriously???

Throughout the house, except for the concrete den which is concrete, the floor was covered in particle board. When I first walked through the house I had thought the previous owner had used a high grade squishy padding (there was a lot of carpet), but it turns out it was just soggy particle board. You could see every drop of liquid that ever touched the floor. It was like piles and piles of wet sawdust.Blaine had to scoop it off the subfloor with a shovel.And the smell was terrible!


Kitchen sub floor after, it looks gross, but it’s better than before

I still need to remove all the screws. But it’s done, thank goodness! Well, mostly done. There’s still the bathroom, that will be much the same, probably worse. Seriously? Particle board under the bathtub…DISGUSTING! We’re holding off demo on the bathroom (behind the funky drywall in the after picture) as long as we can.

There’s a lot of mold and some rot thus far that will have to be dealt with, but not really anything we didn’t expect. The sub floor is actually in slightly better condition than we had thought.

On a side note, we had torrential rains yesterday that turned up a couple leaks. The one behind the chimney is more of a deluge than we had thought. That’s very well likely the cause of the foundation issue. At least we know? Right? No surprises later.


3 thoughts on “Particle board, thy name is crap!

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