The Farmhouse Plan

The inside of the Farmhouse is very choppy. There’s plenty of space, just about 1400sf under roof (including the back porch) but it’s poorly laid out. The schematic below is a simple illustration of the 1950’s floor plan.


original floor plan

Following demo, we’ll have an empty shell (sub-floor and exterior walls only). We’ll put back far less walls than what we started with…


renovated floor plan (the font says more fun, right?)

..we’ll reconfigure the space to be more open. We’ll have great room area with a cathedral ceiling and a mudroom at the back door. The master suite will also have a cathedral ceiling, and there will be direct access to the screened porch, for morning yoga and tea. We’ll have one small dedicated guest room and another small “flex space” that is open to the living room but, could easily be converted to a small third bedroom if ever necessary. I imagine this area will be the office/reading nook.

By far, the most exciting part of this renovation will be the mudroom. I’ve always wanted a traditional  mudroom. (some girls want shoes, I dream of pigs and a mudroom) Now  that we’ll have real livestock, I think a mudroom is almost a necessity. We’ll need a place to corral dirty boots, coveralls, and the dogs. No one wants animal poo all over the house, right? The enclosed back porch fits the bill perfectly. It’s already the only way out of the house in the back and it’s a reasonable size (8×18). We’ll move the laundry from the kitchen to the mudroom and add a dog/boot wash sink for washing the beasts without breaking my back (we currently wash them in the bathtub, it’s a full contact sport).

I’m still in the trolling-Pinterest/Houzz-for-amazing-rooms-we-can’t-afford phase. Like this photo from Houzz…..



My dog wash will not look like that. Heck, my bathroom will probably not even look that good. But, that sure is pretty! I’m thinking our dog wash will be more like this one…


Floor sink from Pintrest

Which is still pretty fabulous, in my humble opinion.


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