Demo Week 1

Every room in the house, except the bathroom was finished with veneered paneling covering ratty fiberglass insulation. Its all coming down to make was for spray foam and drywall. This house sat empty for several years and maintenance was deferred for many more. There were so many dead bugs in the insulation it rattled like a didgeridoo when we removed it and I lost count of the number of mouse nests. YUCK! Thank goodness Blaine has less aversion to gross and doesn’t mind getting dirty.


view from front door after paneling removed

We were able to remove the laminate floor without damaging it and it was re-homed along with all of the paneling and trim, the carpet however was too gross. IMG_0813



the den after paneling and insulation removal


kitchen after paneling and insulation removed, large stain that covers almost the entire width of the house is where the washing machine leaked for who knows how long

Blaine, with the tiniest bit of help from me, has removed almost all the paneling, trim, insulation, and finish flooring. The only finished bits remaining are the bathroom (for obvious reasons) and the carpet and brick in the den. I’m very proud to say that despite all this demolition, only the carpet and insulation went to the landfill. Through Craigslist we were able to re-home all the wood products, the carpet from the screened porch, the cabinets (we’re keeping a couple), the countertops, and the appliances.

Coming soon, whoever thought particle board was a good choice for underlayment should be shot!


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